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The Rainbow Family of Living Light is a 30+ year old loosely associated group of folks from around the world who get together each year to celebrate the earth and the joy of each other. The Family is made up of several tribes from various bio-regions around Picture Stolen From the world who get together from time to time to celebrate.  Each year from July 1st to July 7 the individual tribes come together for the National Rainbow Gathering Of the Tribes which is held somewhere in the United States in a different location each year.  There we hold a week long prayer for world peace. The Gathering is a huge resource for anything "alternative" one might be interested in. For a week or more we celebrate, teach, cook together in communal kitchens, play music and more. The gatherings are free, non comercial and open to everyone. Everyone is Rainbow and welcome to come. I have been attending gatherings for over 10 years now.  They are a prime focus for me, you could say it's my spiritual calling, my religion. I find the Rainbow to be my spirital rejunivation each year. There is so much power in being with close friends, cooking with them, haning out late at the fire and listening to great music, and putting on a gathering with friends for 15-25,000 people. I put allot of energy into gatherings each year, and it turn it gives me back much.  The beauty of Rainbow is the more you put in the more you get out and anything can happen, if you want to "focalize" it.  This can create a magic like nothing else can.

Those who know me from the gatherings know that I have been involved in many aspecects of gatherings. Lately I have been helping to provide clean water for gathers. I have also been involved in recording the music and the magic of the campfires as well as working with CALM , The Center for Alternitive Medicine (our Emergencey Medical Folks) as well as with Shante Sena, which is the Rainbow Peace Keepers.  My main involvement with Shante Sena is with the communications and Radios and playing with solar power. I also enjoy spending time cooking in the kitchens, catching or teaching the ocasional workshop as well as listening to the amazing music that happens at gatherings.

Pictures from past gatherings

2005 Gathering Archive info

The Rainbow Campfire Music ProjectRainbow CD     Rainbow Radio and CommunicationsRainbow Communications     Because we all live down streamClean Water     Solar - It' En-Light-eningSolar Power
Note these four links are longer working - I'll get to it one of these days.

Rainbow is a free event open to all.  I invite you to find out more about Rainbow and come out and join us for a weekend or two. There is probably one going on in your area soon. Bring your Cup and Spoon, an open mind and have a ball!
To find out more about what is happenig in your area cheack the links below, especially the local lightline numbers for your area (if there is one)

Vermin Says

Here in North Carolina, where I live, our local family is called Katuah. It consists of folks from North and South Carolina, Georgia and Eastern Tennesee. Katuah currently has two councils, Spring Solstice and Thanksgiving. We have one "official" Summer Solstice gathering but are also have a few others from time to time (in 2004 we had two more). We also have a publication called HO!. This is an excelent way to keep informed about what is happening in Katuah land.

To get on the mailing list send a letter, preferably with a small donation to cover postage (whatever you can afford). to
614 Camp Springs Rd
Reidsville NC 27320

We also have a "light-line" phone number with more info at

Katuah has chosen not to do bushiness over the net so there is no e-mail address or web site for Katuah.
Please respect this by not posting to on-line sources information about Katuah Events. The consensis is to post info about the light line and HO! only.

There are tons of other individual and regional Rainbow sites.
For More information on Rainbow Start her.
The unofficial Rainbow Home Page
A few FAQs on Rainbow

The AGR Button from 1998
A newsgroup where rainbows tend to hang out and chat with other on-line Rainbows.