2005 Rainbow Gathering Near Elkins West Virginia

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This year the 2005 National Rainbow Gathering will be in the Mid Atlantic states in the Monongahela National Forest.

There are several sites being proposed and things are currently in flux. The FEDs have roadblocked the old site and folks seem to have moved off that site.  For more info on that site, in case we move back, click on "LOWER GLADY INFO".  Topos and pictures of that site on at this link.

From Elkins, WV take 33 east past Bowden to Alpena (approx.13 mi). At the Alpena Lodge & Cafe (the only thing there) take a left (north) up County Rd. 12, also known as Galdwin Rd and CR26 in some areas. CR12 goes thru the countryside and dives down toward the Glady Fork (approx 5 mi). At the bottom of the hill, just before CR12 crosses the Glady Fork River & turns into CR10-Sully Rd, take a hard (120%) left on to FR 162, which is Bus Village. Go to the gated end of Bus Village (FR162). Just beyond the gate is a meadow on the left. At the back right of this meadow is Easy Street, a gentle grassy ancient railroad bed, which goes off to the left. Follow Easy Street up to Main Trail and take a right to Main Circle, which is the third meadow on the trail.
From the East, from Harrisonburg, VA take 33 west into Wavy past Franklin, WV and Seneca rocks. Stay on US 33 past Wymer to Alpena, take a right on CR12 and follow the above.


There are two new sites.  Most folks seem to be moving to the Cranberry Glade site.
A topo map of that site is here Cranberry Glade Topo.  I have no pictures of this site yet.

From Elkins, WV take Hwy 219 south for about 70 miles to the town of Mill Point.  Turn Right on 55/39. Go 6 miles to RD 150.  Turn right on 102 which is 6/10ths of a mile past 150.  Welcome Homeless.
From Interstate 64:  Exit from Interstate 64 on Highway 219 (exit 169).  Go North on 219 to 55/39 and follow directions above.


Some folks are gathering in the strip mine site waiting to see what happens. If this interests you then that could work. this is called the Barton Knob site. A topo of that is here Barton Knob Topo.  I have no pictures of this site yet.

From Elkins, WV take 219 south from Elkins WV to the town of Huttonsville.  Head East on 250/92 to FR 227.  South on 227 to the strip mine.

Are you confused?  Don't know what to do?  Neither do I. This whole last minute site change is rather depressing and setting a bad precedence. I think we need to return to the original site as it has less issues.  For more info on what I think about this click on  "Hawkers Commentary".

I am running out of bandwidth providing these maps. The bandwidth is costing me extra $$$. Please do not download more than once if you have maps. Save and distribute in other ways to friends to help save $$$.


We are asking all kitchens that want to be connected to the main water line to bring the following items.
These items in total should not cost more than $50-$100.
Please help get this word out to all kitchens. If each kitchen brings a little it helps us all.
  • 1-3 rolls (usually 300-400') of NSF rated 3/4" black poly pipe.
  • 1 or more 3/4" plastic barbed T
  • 2-3 3/4" plastic barbed couplings
  • 1 or more spigots with 1/2" NPT male pipe threads
  • 1 or more 1/2" Female NPT threads to 3/4" barbed insert
  • 6-12 1 1/4" hose clamps

So what will it take this year to provide clean water for the family?
We need people and kitchens to bring supplies or donate money to purchase supplies.
A list of supplies is given later in this page. If you want to donate $$$ you can do it here.

Please help by making a donation to help pay for the Rainbow Water System
or by passing out this link http://tinyurl.com/cqdky

Now Quit-yer-bitchin and come together to pray and heal the family on the land soon!
I love you all and will see you soon!