Hawker's Photo Album of Past Rainbow Gatherings

I don't have many good pictures of the gathering since I am too busy enjoying myself to remember to take out the camera. I only have a few but they are below. I also ocasionally write about my experiance in my blog located here.

Click Below for photo Albums from Past Rainbow Gatherings.

2006 - Colorado
Near the town of Clark, CO in Routt National Forest. Bus Village was by Big Red Park, while the site was by Silver City Creek..
2005 - West Virgina
        Near the towns of Richwood, Marlington, and Hillsboro at the Cranberry Glades Botanical area in Monongahela National Forest.
2004 - California
        Near the town of Likely, CA in Modoc National Forest. This site was about 4 miles north of the site used for the 1984 Gathering.

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