Water Needs for the Annual Rainbow Gathering

The Filter System at the 2003 Rainbow Gathering Each year, for the National Rainbow Gathering we must amass mile of pipe, thousands of dollars in filters and other water supplies to bring the family fresh water. For the last several years this responsibility has fallen on a few notable people, including myself. We are getting older now and wish to teach and pass this knowledge and responsibility on to others. It has been way to much work for us over the years and it is now time to play and enjoy the gathering.  The best way to do this is for each of us to take some responsibility and bring some supplies for ourselves. If each kitchen can put together a kit, if each of us can make a few good filters the responsibility will be disbursed and not over bearing on any one person. 

With recent changes the old pipe is worn out and needs to be replaced. Also much was stolen in a 2007 theft of a trailer with many thousands of dollars of water supplies in it.  In addition prices for pipe have almost tippled in the last few years. This means that it is our responsibility to bring equipment and raise funds. Traditionally this has been divided with my team focusing on filters (the end of the pipe) and another team focusing on the pipe. Money donated to filters this year will mostly be used for pipe as the filters are almost caught up and we stocked up extra last year.

So what will it take this year to provide clean water for the family?
We need people and kitchens to bring supplies or donate money to purchase supplies.
A list of supplies is given later in this page. If you want to donate $$$ you can do it here.

Please help by making a donation to help pay for the Rainbow Water System
or by passing out this link http://tinyurl.com/cqdky

We are asking all kitchens that want to be connected to the main water line to bring the following items.
(pictures are shown further down in this document)
These items in total should not cost more than $100-$150.
Please help get this word out to all kitchens. If each kitchen brings a little it helps us all.

Traditionally we need 3-5 miles of pipe.   Regarding donations: In short we are looking for about $2000-3000 for pipe and $750-$1500 for filters each year.  The new Katadynes will be set up as simple stand alone systems for larger kitchens. They will connect via a garden hose adapter and empty into a large barrel.

Supplies you can bring to help this year:
This works each year because of trust in Rainbow Magic (That's YOU the reader).
You can drop off supplies at Info or CALM with note to Hawker or the Water Crew and I am sure they will get to us.
I can always use spare parts and extra supplies.
The items I need the most this year are:

Other items that are always helpful if you wish to help include:


Some years we don't have enough pressure and we have to pump water instead of gravity. Michigan was the last time this happened. If this happens again we need to make a pump station.
Hopefully we don't have to do this again this year, but you never know

Things I need for the Pump Station

I'm sure there is much that I have forgotten, so if you have questions or ideas please contact me.

Now Quit-yer-bitchin and come together to pray and heal the family on the land soon!
I love you all and will see you soon!


Kitchen Kit.
Each kitchen should come prepared to bring supplies need to hook there kitchen to the main waterline. These items include:
3/4" Black Polyethylene Pipe Iron Pipe Size.   Usually comes in 400 foot rolls.
Must Be NSF rated.
Pipe of 100PSI or less tends to Kink, Pipe of  over 160PSI is to hard to work with.
Pipe Coupling. 
US Plastic #24402 for 3/4", 24403 for 1" and 24401 for 1/2"
Plastic T's.
US Plastic  #24098 for 3/4", 24099 for 1" 24097 for 1/2"
Hose Clamps. Once needed for each pipe connection
NPT yo hose barb for connecting facet
1/2 NPT Facet

Other Helpful items
Reducer T's.
US Plastic Part numbers 3/4" to 1/2" 24209, 1" to 3/4" 24210
Reducer Adapters from 1" to 3/4" and 3/4" to 1/2"
Thread adapters to NPT threads from 3/4" to 1/2" Both male and female handy.
Threaded T's
Colder Quick Disconnect fittings.

Colder Products APC Series Quick Disconnects.
Note Number on Left is P# in one CPC catalog, next number is same P# in other CPC catalog, not sure which one is correct.
Price listed is retail price from 2003.

THREADED BASE 1/4 npt 49200 apc10004 $2.10/ea 25bg 10% 3/8 npt 44400 apc10006 $2.10/ea 25bg

1/4 npt 42300 apc24004 $0.70
3/8 npt 42500 apc24006 $1.56
1/4 BARB 40900 apc22004 $0.70 25bg
3/8 BARB 41000 apc22006 $0.70 25bg
1/4 RA BARB 46200
3/8 BARB 44700