Hawker's Filter System

The Filter System at the 2001 Rainbow GatheringIn 1997 I asked Wayne to build me a set of his filters.  I had seen a few of his earlier designs and felt they had a few issues I wanted fixed.  What I did was converse these issues to him and he improved his design to deal with these issues.  What I have is his first revision of the third generation filters.  The improvements allow for higher pressure use and easier chaining of the filter.  I also added my own air blead system after I found issues with his system. These improvements became to basis for all his later systems.  The systems require some custom maching and a special thread tap making them hard for others to manufacture.  What I intend to do here is show the parts and construction of the filters to educate the user about the parts and issues in the hopes that we can design the next generation of filters.  At the end of this page I will give thoughts and ideas on where this is heading.




construction notes
American 921 pressure cooker filter placement positions Placement is a bit to close in this drawing
bsp british thread HTML
bsp british thread picture
Print For custom BSPP to NPT adapterneeded to interface to Katadyn Filter. The NPT section may be to short for your NPT tap depending on the length. I forget if I updated this print or not

The #4 (also known as a 1040) filter used in these pumps is amazing in it's ability to provide clean water. It is cleanable providing long life, filters to 0.2µ absolute, and is relitivly inexpensive.  What we needed was a housing we could connect this filter to and use our existing gravity fed  delivery system with.  To the rescure came Wayne Roby.  Wayne did the initial research and prototyping.  He developed several custom systems using the #4 filter that evolved over time.  I currently own two of his latter generation high pressure housings.  Sadly we have lost touch with Wayne and are no longer able to use him as a resource for housings.