The filters that we use were designed and built several years ago by a brother named Wayne Robey who is no longer available to us. The current filters are plumb worn out and won't last another year. Most of the very old ones (like what Bliss has) will not survive the high pressure of the current delivery systems we employ. We also don't have enough to properly supply a gathering and thus had to truck in much water last year. It is therefor VERY important that we come up with designs for building our own filters and make more of our own. This is a shameless plug for funds to build filters and help with ideas. It cost about $500-$750 to build a bank of 4 Katadyn filters and pre-filter. It costs about $1000-$1500 to build one solar pumping station (sans filters). I am looking for any donations for building systems. If your not comfortable donating $$$ then donating the supplies is, of course, also fine. I have a list at the end of this E-mail of the kind of supplies that I need. If you don't know me or trust my request I invite you to ask about me here or in any Rainbow circle. I think my reputation is well known enough. I also am actively seeking folks who want to contribute ideas or work on designs. Please e-mail me off list for an address for sending donations. I started a web page with pictures at It is EXTREMELY incomplete as I have not had time to document stuff, but there are some great pictures and articles there. I'm working on a page explaining things off there - hopefully in a few weeks it will be done. More, un edited pictures are at If you have pictures of other versions of Wayne's filters or other parts of the system (I have no pictures of the pumping station for example or from this year) I would most like to get copies. I also have no pictures of Wayne's air removal system such as used on Bliss's and Katuah's filters. Note this full site will probably not be up until tomorrow as I have a slow upload connection. In a nutshell the old Filters were made from a non standard 2.5" Schedule 40 PVC pipe. They required much custom machining which I am not capable of. They were nice filters but slightly fragile. They also had a few minor design issues. Still they are a great design for small kitchen size systems. If anyone is capable and willing to do this kind of machining (plastic lathe required) I would love to hear from you. This filter design with some small modifications is still the best design to supply a small to medium size kitchen IMHO For larger group or large kitchen systems I am looking at trying to find some sort of container that I can house the filters in. I am at a loss for ideas. I hear there is a swimming pool filter that will work but have been unable to locate it. As of now i am going to try to machine out inlets and outlets in an All American Pressure Cooker Model 921 and use it. I need something that is around 10.25" deep inside (filter length) and can withstand 50PSI or so. I hear the '921 will leak at around 40PSI but I'm going to try it anyway - perhaps a rubber gasket will fix the leak - the stock pot (no pun) is metal to metal. It is only rated for 15psi without removing the pressure relief valve. I'm Actively looking for ideas for what else I could do to house 4-8 Katadyn #4 (1040) filters since I'm not entirely happy with the ideas I have sofar. Still to solve is the nut for the BSPP to NPT adapter. I intend to order some 1" Aceltal Rods and custom tap them myself to make the adapter. I have already located and obtained the odd ball Katadyn thread tap (a 1/4-19 BSPP thread). Things I need for filters. Katadyn #4 (1040) or #5 (preferred) filters 0.5 - 5 micron home water filters (1-3 micron carbon preferred) Home house filter housings Deep 21 qt pressure cookers or other pressure capable housings (must be 10.25" deep or more). Miscellaneous plumbing supplies, adapters and hose Food Grade RV (Garden) Hose. High Pressure 1/4", 3/8 & 1/2" ID Plastic food grade tubing. 1" Acetel or Delrin Stock 1/4" and 3/8" NPT Taps and Drills 11.8mm Jobber Drill Bit (for the BSPP Tap). Colder Products APC Series Quick Disconnects 1/4 - 1/2 NPT and Hose Barb ends Your ideas and designs Things I need for the Pump Station Medium size (2-7)GPM 12VDC Pumps (ShurFlow 2088 and 4000 series) Well pump style pressure switch, single pole 15Amp, capable of on at around 15psi and off at around 40PSI. 10g fine stranded wire. small (prefer shurflow since it mounts to pumps) Accumulator tanks Solar Panels 50-120W. Deep Cycle batteries (50-120AH). Solar Charge Controllers (4-15amp) NPT to Hose thread Adapter fittings Food Grade RV (Garden) Hose. Sand Points Faucit Adapters. A small-compact bicycle pump and pressure gauge (for Accumulator tank). So what can you do to help.

1) Fund raise. I don't mind helping build these but I can't foot the bill for it all. I really need to raise another $1000 at least.
2) Bring extra plumbing supplies. Anything that adapts to 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 or 1" NPT and 3/8 or 1/2" hose. For the big system anything that adapts to 1/2 to 2" pipe. Whatever you got. I especially need more hose clamps. All sizes from #4 on up. Especially #6 and #20 hose clamps.
3) Bring black irrigation piping. All sizes from 1/2 to 2" are needed.
4) Another pump system and pressure tank. This is a Shurflow model # 804-009-01 (About $350). I'm not getting this now since I am out of $$$.
5) Find folks with access to machining equipment that can help for next year so we can build more of these.

Quit-yer-bitchin and come together to pray and heal the family on the land soon!
I love you all and will see you soon!
Parts needed Note Number on Left is P# in one CPC catalog, next number is same P# in other CPC catalog, not sure which one is correct. Price listed is order price from local place, maybe it's a good price, maybe not but I need about 24 of each of these so it adds up. THREADED BASE 1/4 npt 49200 apc10004 $2.10/ea 25bg 10% 3/8 npt 44400 apc10006 $2.10/ea 25bg INSERT 1/4 npt 42300 apc24004 $0.70 3/8 npt 42500 apc24006 $1.56 1/4 BARB 40900 apc22004 $0.70 25bg 3/8 BARB 41000 apc22006 $0.70 25bg 1/4 RA BARB 46200 3/8 BARB 44700 Also need to find a cheaper than west marine source for the following SurFlow Products 804-009-01 a/k.a. 804-008-01 dual head pump and pressure tank (the pump I want to move to from what we had a 2088-443-144). Note the 804-009-01 is made up of two parts at 4000-400-014 ultra flow pump and a 3400-002 accumulator tank - it might be cheaper to get them that way. 253-3300 heavy duty strainer. has the best prices I have found on Shurflow, but alas, they don't have that model number.