Hawker's Mobile Radio Page
Information about HAM, GMRS, MURS and Back country Radio

To the HAM radio world I am known as KD4TPB.  To the GMRS Radio World I am WPOM-696.
I have been interested in 2 Way radios
since I was a small child and took a HAM Radio class in Cub Scouts.

When I lived on the road I got into CB radios and eventually had a girl-friend and her father (KD4VBM and N400C) that got me into HAM radio. I used HAM radio quite a bit before the days of common cell phone use.  Now I mostly used it as a back country radio system for emergencies and medical use in alternative gatherings such as Rainbow Gatherings or during natural disasters such as when I did relief work for Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

This page is a simple collection of some notes I wanted to put in an easy space for others.

Info (though dated) on the back country Solar Powered Repeater (GMRS) that we use for Rainbow Gatherings for emergencies. It has saved many lives over the years.  I stole this page, although I helped write it from Welcomehome.org, a Rainbow Site.
Backcountry Radio Systems

A list of Frequencies for HAM, GRMS, MURS, FRS, NOAA etc.

More to come when I get a chance.


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