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Me at the Joe JamI am a Mid thirty something Male, mostly Het, vegetarian, aging hippy, musician, electronic engineer, yada, yada.  I have been in Poly relationships for about 15 years, and out with others and myself for about 5.  I live on a small, forming intentional community in Western NC.  My Interests include hiking and camping, ethnic food and cooking (love a great curry), music, live sound mixing and recoding, electronics, Rainbow Gatherings (my main passion), wood working and working with my hands, alternative energy, micro-water plants, intentional community, cooking, middle eastern "community", Ren Fairs.

I live in Asheville NC because it is the only place in the country I have been where I am just me and it is the way the town is. I don't have to fight to be me in a town of folks who are not like me. I love the strong community feeling of this town and the size is perfect.  Big enough to have what I need and to play, small enough to be more relaxed with great camping and mountains close by.  I have been here about 15 years.

I am currently involved with one live in primary and one long distance secondary (mostly secondary because of distance) for about 4 years on each.

I'm looking for local, confident, secure and stable people (couple or individuals) interested in similar activities who want to cut loose and enjoy life and the bonds of deeper family.  I seek people who want to connect in the interest of forming deeper connections and community.  I want this community to feel free and safe to form loving bonds with a depth and honesty to others and ourselves. This means that we can be as loving, or not, as we feel comfortable with each other, living in the truth of the connection with no worries about societal norms or not.  This does not mean that I seek sexual connection with all who are part of my community, but it does mean I wish to cut though the BS and connect at the heart with all.  More specifically I am open to other het or bi women or couples (M-F or F-F) in my life as well as interest in other open communities that are poly-alternative friendly.  I am more interested in meeting couples that fit in well with the values and life of my other partners than I am in meeting single individuals.  I am still in search of a good local community with a low "flack factor" that looks like it can last to buy into.


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