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Welcome to
The Hawker's Nest

It finally happened...  I felt the need for my own home page.
Because folks keep asking me for the same information.  I felt why not have a public place to put some of the information that I am frequently asked for.

This home page is nothing fancy, and not intended to be.  It's intended to be a work in progress and is simply a place to put some of my works and assorted info.  It's also a look into the some of the things that I am into. Hope you get what you need from it.

Note: not all pages are working...yet...  I work in front of a computer all day long so the last thing I usually want to do with my free time is sit in front of a computer some more.  It will probably take quite a while for me to get everything here.  Since this site is a hodge podge of old sites and quick fixes I'm sure problems abound.  If you need something ask and that might motivate me to get that section done.  The links below show areas that I intend to work on(if they don't work yet). 

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