Just Who/What The Heck is a Hawker?

So you want to know a bit about me hu? Fair enough.

Webster's definition I am a thirty-something eccentric and slightly whacked electrical engineer from Minnesota (ya' sure ya' betcha'). I live in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of Western NC, just north of Asheville North Carolina. Asheville is a special alternative town that balances well my hippy and yuppie sides. I have been here since accidentally finding this town about 1989 but have left and returned a few times to pursue other adventures. Always returning here.

The Blue Ridge Mountain are the most beautiful mountains in the USA (IMHO) and Asheville is a great place to live. There is such an eclectic mix of people of all interests and the town exists with a great community feel where everyone knows and supports each other. I have a special love for mountains and this town's community mixed with the easy access to the woods makes it a great place to live

I live on a few acres in a developing community with my partner, Kelly, our love sponge of a dog Sage and Bruce, who lives in a Yurt in the back yard. I am an electronic engineer doing component level circuit design and printed circuit board (PCB) layout. I find this to be a great balance between my techie side and my more creative sides as it gives me a creative, yet technical outlet to explore and design. I have a special love for laying out the PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). They're a great brainteaser. Routing a PCB is sort of like having to drive from NYC to LA without crossing over any bridges. You can cross UNDER a bridge but not OVER. Although I have used several PCB tools, my favorite is PADs PCB.

Me mixing at night My hobbies include camping, hiking, back-packing, music (I play guitar but mostly do sound for other bands), audio engineering, field (DAT) recording, Middle Eastern Dance and Music, alternative energies including solar and gravity water systems, ham radio, electronic kit building/designing, carpentry, and my other true love Rainbow Gatherings.

You can find out more about my special interested by clicking around my web site.

Want more information on me? Here is a copy of my latest Resume'.



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